Piñata ? Art ?   ** New piñata info below 

Each one-of-a-kind pinata is created with a lot of TLC and a lot of time. If you’re thinking about having one commisioned, email me with your anticipated delivery date. The process begins with your idea. I work from that thought which becomes an image on paper. Actual building and drying time takes 6 days as each layer needs a day to dry. Once that is complete I start to work on bringing your exquisite pinata to life. Total: 7 to 8 days. Total: average 18 hours

Prices range from $100 on up depending on size and complexity. Most of my customers have ordered their pinatas to be used as props, photo ops & keepsakes to honour their special occasions. 

If you are still with me and …….

curious to know more, but not quite ready to commit? Email me, and I would be happy to ease your worries and put your piñata fears to rest. I would also be happy to provide you with additional portfolio photos of other piñatas upon request.                          itsapinata@gmail.com

More info about ‘Piñatart’ !

I exclusively create caricatures of famous folks, your favourite fictional characters and even someone you know! Your loving pet, too!!!! If a personalized piñata is your calling, email me and I can get you started.

**   “How can I possibly smash my beloved personal piñata?”, you ask. That’s the beauty of commissioning me to create your piñata. Think of it as a piece of art to love and cherish. I have had so many people tell me that they don’t want to smash their one of a kind piñatas and so I am now making my pinatas ‘PULL STRING’  !! So if you would like the conventional smash ’em style you can definitely still order one but ya gotta let me know. 

When I am between orders I like to create piñatas just ’cause I can’t stop making them. I will post their photos and stats along with a price so you can purchase any of them as well, they will all be ‘PULL STRING’ piñatas.

My piñata creations are made from recycled phone pages, flour and water, that once reincarnated can be hung in your fabulous flat or Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home. Cleverly hung in a cozy nook or dangled as a classic soon-to-be smashed candy filled wonder. Brilliant!

Whether it is for a party, a gift or something to admire from a far, my piñatas are 100% candy holding friendly and can be a papier-mâché “smash” at your next shindig. My piñatas are Frankenstein-d with paint, glue, glitter, pop culture and a lot of sugar-filled love.

The madness behind this paper mashed science is me. My name is Kat and I am a Vancouver Film School alum and have spent over 10 years perfecting my artistic insanity through various mediums. Previously, I  was an ‘inbetween’ artist for Walt Disney Canada, working on favourite childhood films such as sequels to Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan.

With my animation background, I began teaching classes in the “Classical Animation” program at the Vancouver Film School and still do. I also love to teach young children the importance of using art as inspiration in their lives. Most often I find that the children are the teachers and I am the student. My artwork style and piñata inspirations draw from collage, assemblage, painting and animation drawing.

My inspirations: Tim Burton, Brian Rutenberg, Marie Louise Gay, Marjorie Priceman, Matthias Malzieu, Nicoletta Ceccoli     Google them, they are all brilliant !

Check out more of my work on Instagram  @itsapinata